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PHOTO: EAST NEWS/SIPA PRESS Barcelona, The world's only albino gorilla, Snowflake, in this June 07, 2002 file picture. Snowflake died in Barcelona's zoo early November 24 after a long struggle with skin cancer. Snowflake, believed to be the only albino gorilla in captivity, died after living for 36 years in Barcelona zoo. Snowflake, one of the zoo's star attractions, contracted cancer in his right armpit about two years ago and his condition worsened rapidly in recent weeks. Barcelona mayor Joan Clos said zoo officials decided to put down the animal in order to spare him an "agonizing death" Zoo director said , the gorilla's corpse would be used for scientific purposes and would not be put on display. Catalan primatologist Jordi Sabater Pi, who arranged to move the animal to the zoo after he was found in a forest in Equatorial Guinea on October 1, 1966, described him in a book published last week as a symbol of the fight to protect the world's diminishing gorilla population. "If we do nothing there will be no more gorillas in 30 years," Sabater Pi wrote in the book, entitled Copito para Siempre ("Snowflake for Ever"). During his years in captivity, Snowflake had three mates and fathered 21 baby gorillas, none of which are albinos. His only male offspring, Urko, died in August. Clos said a street or a square would be named after Snowflake in Barcelona. 00484766