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??BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM From Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, celebrities share their private lives and thoughts with the public. Picture shows:Lady Gaga sharing an adorable childhood throwback pic that shows the (then) brunette beauty as a sweet and fashion forward little girl??"who already displayed an affinity for dancing and performing??"as she sports a white leotard and matching white tights ballet dance ensemble accented with one pink bow tied around her waist and another (lighter) pink bow atop her head??"while striking a happy pose in front of the mantel and fireplace at her childhood home and clutching an adorable sparkly blonde mermaid doll??"in this super sweet snap and message Gaga shared with her fans on social media on November 23rd, 2013. Gaga says of the charming throwback snap of her younger self: ??sIt scares me how little I've changed. And trust that would have been a seashell bikini if not for my mother.??? NON-EXCLUSIVE October 13, 2017 Job: 171013B1 Hollywood, CA USA www.bauergriffin.com