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The most celebrated Leonardo Da Vinci ( 1452 - 1519 ) model MONNA LISA DEL GIOCONDO ( La Gioconda ). Born noblewoman LISA GHERARDINI in Florence , 1479 and dead ( from historical documentations ) in Florence 1542 . Little is known about Lisa's life. Born in Florence and married as a teenager to a cloth and silk merchant who later became a local official, she was mother to six children and led what is thought to have been a comfortable and ordinary middle-class life. Lisa outlived her husband, who was considerably her senior. Centuries after Lisa's death, Mona Lisa became the world's most famous painting and took on a life separate from Lisa, the woman. Speculation by scholars and hobbyists made the work of art a globally recognized icon and an object of commercialization. In 2005 Lisa was definitively identified as the model for the Mona Lisa . The portrait are still exposed at LOUVRE Museum , Paris , France - RENAISSANCE - RINASCIMENTO - ARTE - PITTORE - PAINTER - PITTURA - ENIGMA - SORRISO ENIGMATICO - SMILE - VISUAL ARTS - pittore - modella - FIRENZE - FLORENCE - ritratto - portrait ? Archivio GBB / CONTRASTO