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CHINA OUT The eerie beauty of China's seaside ghost town: Stunning images show how an abandoned fishing village became a green wonderland swallowed up by mother nature Vines climb the old stone walls, weave through the windows and doors and creep along the crumpling paths in an abandoned Chinese fishing village which has been reclaimed by mother nature. Time stands still in this village on Gouqi Island - one of almost 400 that make up the Shengsi Islands to the east of China???s Zhejiang province. What was once a thriving fishing hub has been long deserted and naturally transformed into a green jungle of tangled plants and neglected buildings. The island, a few hours east of Hangzhou Bay, is a stark contrast to the vibrant metropolitan skyline of Shanghai - an image conjured up in many westerners' minds when imagining populous China. Some of the islands at the mouth of the Yangtze river are popular tourist destinations and have been described as a paradise for seafood lover, while others are inhabitable. The stunning scenery on Gouqi Island is the result of the houses and outbuildings being slowly consumed by nature. The seaside village now lies empty because it was more economical for the fishermen to move and work on the mainland where catch could easily be transported and sold. ??Exclusivepix Media