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EXCLUSIVE: AUSTIN, TX. JUNE 5, 2012. Exclusive by Hugo Daniel in Austin, Texas. Photos By Jeff Rayner/Coleman-Rayner She is rumoured to be having a fling with Johnny Depp ? but stunning actress Amber Heard was once just a regular schoolgirl from Texas, as these exclusive childhood photos show. The never-before-seen snaps show a young Amber at her 8th grade school dance, at a fun sleepover with pals and adorably dressed up as an Egyptian for Halloween. Even in more serious poses for her school yearbook shots ? the beautiful actress appears to have always had movie star good looks. (Insert publication) visited Amber's hometown of Austin, Texas, to find out how she has propelled herself into the Hollywood A-list and possibly into a romance with one of the world's sexiest men. In an exclusive interview, her father David Heard told (insert publication) he had no comment on the Johnny Depp rumours. ?I do not have any comment about anything like thatO, he said. And although he refused to talk about Amber's private life, David did say he thought The Rum Diary was a ?great movieO. Speaking from the family home, where Amber spent most of her childhood, he said: ?I'm proud of her. She's hard-working, steadfast to her job and doesn't do anything but go to auditions and going to meetings. ?She hardly does anything else, she wanted this for her career since she was 12 years old, from the time she was a little girl.O David also opened up about how hard it was for him when his daughter upped and left town to find stardom in Los Angeles at just 18. ?She did modeling first and went to New York. She came home because I begged her. But I couldn't stop her when she was 18. I begged her not to go. But she knew what she was doing, and she was right. She's a very talented actressO, he said. David lives with his wife Paige in the dusty outskirts of Austin in the same modest detached home to which they moved when was around nine. He still runs his own building contracting business but hopes to soon retire. Chewing tobacco as he spoke, the62-year-old who sports a handlebar moustache, is proud of his daughter's Texan roots although admits she rarely returns now. ?She was born in Austin and raised in Austin. Now she only comes back when she has to. She was raised here but she loves travelling the country and the world. She was in China last weekO, he said. David does get to go to LA and visit Amber though, laughing he said: ?A couple of times a year, to events like the SAG Awards and premieres, I'm usually her date.O David added he had seen all of Amber's films but one ? which she asked him not to watch, ?but I'm not saying which oneO, he said mysteriously. Adorable old yearbook photos show Amber at elementary school aged around seven. At that time she was known as 'Abby' to her friends. Smiling, David recalled: ?It was one of the things the little kids could not say ? Amber - so they called her Abby.O Although her family were not particularly wealthy they sent Amber to $12,000-a-year private Catholic school St Michael's Academy when she was 14. However the youngster, who already had dreams of being a star, only lasted two years at the school before dropping out at 16 to try and make it as a model. Although popular at school, Amber was given a less than flattering nickname - because of her striking good looks. Meghan Brindley, a childhood friend who was in her year, recalled: ?She had a nickname because she was pretty. Some people used to call her ?Amber seen and not Heard'. ?She also once mixed up the term feminism in theology and so people made fun of her for that, she said something like ?I'm against women's suffrage', it was like uh-oh. ?So just silly little things like that. You know we've all made innocent mistakes like that.O According to Meghan, Amber was not embarrassed to share her Hollywood ambitions with her classmates even though some made fun of her for it. ?She was very quiet, she always seemed almost like her mind was just off somewhere else and she always said ?I'm going to go and be an actress and that's what I want to do