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??BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM These are the photos which show how Kate Middleton has gone from commoner to future Queen in just 12 months Pretty Kate wowed the world on April 29 2011 as she married Prince William. - the second in line to the throne of England. And since she stepped down the aisle, Kate has become the new star of the Royal Family and rocketed to the top of the A List. Demure Kate has dazzled during her public appearances both alongside William and in recent weeks on her own. The Queen has now entrusted her with appearing at events on behalf of her Majesty, which is a huge step for the commoner, who fell in love with Wills at university. Kate's natural ease with people, calm manner and stunning smile have sparked comparisons with Princess Diana - the late mother of her husband Wills. And away from media events the young couple have shown in public how their love is true and strong. The most natural set of pictures saw them walking hand in hand along a public beach close to their home in Anglesey, while walking their new puppy Lupo. On their first Royal trip to Canada their chemistry was evident as they were ??almost inseparable. In the USA showed why she is a natural in company. She appeared at charity events surrounded by less fortunate children, discussing their plight. And on the same trip she became the biggest VIP in the room when BAFTA held a party ??in Hollywood. That night the beauty was besieged by Tinseltown's finest from Tom Hanks to Nicole Kidman. Kate has also shone in family times. Earlier this month she and RAF pilot Wills were pictured laughing and smiling during a ski holiday - a break after his six week tour of duty in the Falkland Islands. And it's clear the public are treated to the real Kate in public as she is with her family. Photos of the Duchess of Cambridge- as she is now officially titled -with her parents, sister, brother and Wills on holiday in Mustique show how her natural beauty shines through. In 2011 Kate's picture appeared in more media outlets than other other star even though she gave just a handful of public appearances. That is likely to continue, as the Royal couple plan to move into Kensington Palace in central London. Currently they live in a ??remote cottage close to Wills' RAF station in Anglesey. Unlike Royals of previous generations Kate tries to keep her life as normal as possible, happily mixing with her future subjects in local stores. The brunette, without bodyguards, also shows she has the common touch by ordering non luxury items and store brand items. Away from the limelight Kate has put in hours of charity work. The Duchess, 30, is now patron of Action on Addiction and the National Portrait Gallery, and royal patron of East Anglia???s Children???s Hospices and The Art Room. Her role as a volunteer with the Scout Association,joining activities privately with groups in north Wales and other areas. One local resident said: "Kate does not have any heirs and graces, and yet is the most regal young woman. " She has stepped into the A list without any hiccups and simply been accepted as our future queen.?? "She is a natural, loving, warm human being, who is very educated and smart. She can mix with the richest or poorest people in the land, that is why people compare her to Princess ??Diana "We always see her in the supermarket and she is like any other young wife. "She is polite, kind and friendly and everyone leaves her in peace. To her local community she is just Kate and that is what the UK wants from the next generation of Royals. "She is a fanatic ambassador for the Queen and will one day make a fanatic Queen." April 18, 2012 Job: 120418T1 REHAB www.bauergriffin.com www.bauergriffinonline.com - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ????BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge accompanies Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh on a visit to the city of Leicester. NON-EXCLUSIVE March 08, 2012 Job: 1203086P1 Leicester, England www.bauergriffin.com www.bauergriffinonline.com [KGC 22]