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PHOTO: EAST NEWS/AVANTIS ZMIANA PLCI - GDYBYM BYLA MEZCZYZNA...- KATE WINSLET LONDYN/WIELKA BRYTANIA 21/02/2000 Gender Doubles These stars are attractive to the opposite sex. How would they look if they WERE the opposite sex ? Have you ever wondered how you'd look if you had been born the opposite gender ? Would your physical features and colouring lend themselves to a more or less attractive face if translated from woman to man or man to woman ? The London Millenium Dome's Mind Zone has a "morphing" machine which enables people to change their race, features and gender, but AVANTIS decided to try out the process for ourselves on famous faces, to see if they made handsome gender doubles. Appearing as this lantern-jawed hunk, a male KATE WINSLET would have been able to raise the Titanic alone. Do you think she's sexy ?