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For seventeen years, the festival "Avtoradio" remains one of the most prominent musical phenomena of our time. Although the number 17 is rather arbitrary. Over the years, under the auspices of “Avtoradio”, more than a dozen concerts took place in different cities of Russia, and in the northern capital it was possible to dance to famous hits of the 80s more than ten times. The Disco of the 80s was gathering full houses in Dusseldorf - in 2018, the Avtoradio Festival was first appreciated by the people of Germany. The 17th “Disco of the 80s” took place in the year of Avtoradio’s 25th anniversary and became especially memorable. The world stars of the 80s reappeared on the scene of the thirty-thousandth "Olympic". Sport Complex OLYMPIC. Moscow. November 24, 2018. photo : Pavel Kashaev EASTNEWS