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154721, Idris Elba as gunslinger Roland films a massive action sequence with guns at the ready on a destruction warzone like environment with falling debris on the 'Dark Tower' set in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Idris can be seen fighting with costar Jackie Earle Haley who will play one of the villains that goes by the name of Sayre, who is known as a menacing humanoid leader of the vampires. Jackie Earle sports dots on his face for a CGI effect that will be added later in post-production. Photograph: ?? LGjr-RG, PacificCoastNews. Los Angeles Office (PCN): +1 310.822.0419 UK Office (Photoshot): +44 (0) 20 7421 6000 sales@pacificcoastnews.com FEE MUST BE AGREED PRIOR TO USAGE